Can I switch my subscription’s billing plan?

You can choose to switch your billing plan. The switch depends on the billing plan you’ve subscribed to and the billing cycle.

  • Monthly subscriptions: You may switch at any time. We recommend choosing our yearly billing plan as it will save you money over a 12-month period. Here’s how to:
    1. Go to Sketch, log in as an Admin and switch to your Workspace in the top-left corner — Make sure your Workspace name is showing.
    2. On the bottom of the left sidebar, click on Settings > Billing to open the Billing page.
    3. Next to the Current Plan click on the Edit... button where you will be able to change to a yearly billing plan.
    Please note that the credit card on file will be charged automatically once the plan is updated, which will initiate a new invoice and a new billing date.
  • Yearly subscriptions: You may change to the Monthly plan near the end of the billing cycle. Please contact our support team, and we'll be happy to help you with your requirements.