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I’m getting spam/fake emails from you, what can I do?

We’re sorry you’re receiving fake emails with our logo. First of all, please do not click on any links within them. We can confirm these emails are not coming from us and no-one is using our systems to send them. Please check the sender of this email and, if it does not come from an @sketch.com email address, mark it as spam/junk. This should help to stop them.

Based on current reports, the sender of these emails has simply copied our email template design to appear legitimate and mislead spam filters. For this reason, we cannot unsubscribe you or directly stop you from receiving them.

Our team is investigating these emails are we are reporting them to email service providers to try and block them. To help us with this, please send us the original email and headers (see instructions below — this is not the same as forwarding the email) to abuse@sketch.com.

Here‘s how to how to send us these emails:

If you're using Windows Mail app/Outlook:

If you're using Apple Mail app (Mac):

  • Head to the Mail app. Open the email.
  • In the menu bar go to View → Message → All headers… and copy the header into the email response to us.
  • Then, drag and drop the original email to the Desktop to create an .EML file. Attach this file in the same email where you pasted the headers.

If you're using the Gmail web interface:

Thank you for your help in stopping these emails. We’re sorry for the inconvenience they’ve caused you.