How can I register my device with a license key?

The steps to register the Mac app with a license key are:

  1. Visit our release page and download your preferred version of our Mac app onto the device.
  2. Once the download is complete, install the app by dragging the Sketch icon to the ‘Applications’ folder
  3. Once installed, the next step will depend on the version you choose, begin by launching the Mac App and then:
    1. Sketch versions 72 onwards - click on the Have a License? button. Type in your license key (starts with SK3) and click on the Register button.
    2. Sketch versions 56 to 71 - choose the Personal License tab, type in your License Key number into the pop-up, and select Register. Alternatively, you can launch the Mac app and link it to your license by selecting Sketch > Preferences > Account > Register from the menu bar and inserting your license key.
    3. Sketch version 55 or earlier - type in your License Key number, and select Register. Alternatively, you can choose Sketch > About & Registration > Register from the menu bar and insert your license key.