Sketch iPhone app

We’ve built a new iPhone app from the ground up that enables you to view documents in every workspace that you’re part of, play prototypes to test your designs, and mirror your Workspace documents too. All of this is, on the go.

In this article, you’ll find frequently asked questions from our community about how the app works. You can also jump in and get started reading our in-depth guide for the iPhone app. Also, if you have already downloaded the app but are running into some unexpected results, read our troubleshooting guide for the new View and Mirror app for iPhone.

What do I need to use the new iPhone app?

You’ll need an iPhone running iOS 15 or later, a Sketch account with access to one or more Workspaces, and an internet connection. 

Download the new iPhone app here and get started in no time with our documentation articles

Do I need to switch to a subscription to use the app?

A subscription helps a lot, but the bare minimum you need is a Sketch account with access to a Workspace. For example, if someone invited you to a Workspace as a Viewer or Guest, you can use the iPhone app. As a Viewer or Guest, you can browse all documents you have access to and play any prototypes available in those documents.

If you have an active paid subscription you’ll get the full experience where you are able to create on the Mac app and then view and mirror your designs in the iPhone app.

Can I still use the old Mirror app?

Yes, you can still use the legacy Mirror app with Sketch. But please note that Mirror support will end in early 2023. When this happens, the legacy Mirror app will no longer work with the latest Sketch Mac app version and it will no longer be available for download on the App Store. If you previously downloaded Mirror, you’ll still be able to download it from your App Store purchase history. Learn more

How can I mirror my files with the new app?

Mirroring is now much easier because you don’t need to be on the same network as the Mac app; your iPhone and Apple computer can be on different networks if you prefer. Make sure you use the same account to sign in to the Mac and iPhone apps.

To mirror a design from the Mac app to the iPhone app, you'll need to save the document to your Workspace and have that document open in both the Mac app and your iPhone. Any Workspace document active in the Mac app will be mirrored when you open it on your iPhone. An icon will appear on the top right corner of the iPhone; tap on it to start mirroring.